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MARCHE/Support for local producers

€ 1,329,364.12 shared between fifteen projects consisting of films, TV series, documentaries, shorts and formats: the results of the open call providing support to audiovisual businesses in the Regione Marche have been published.

The five features supported see local filmmakers combining their roots with wider horizons.
They are: “Le Pupille” by Edoardo Ferraro, “Castelrotto” by Damiano Giacomelli, “Neve e sangue” by Giorgio Cingolani, “Le tre infanzie” by Simone Massi and “Cavalieri nel vento” by Fabio Jephcott.

The ten projects in other formats range from the social and gender drama “La Barbaresca”, to the political-soccer slant of “L’ultima partita di Pasolini”, to the student satire of “Gli sbancati”.

These are joined by a “gallery of illustrious natives of the Marche region”, from “Raffaello” to the composer “Gaspare Spontini”.

In this way small local productions are growing, supported by the constant work of the Marche Film Commission dedicated to training and upgrading professional skills in the region.

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