The “Bottega-Workshop” is the first concrete result of Manifatture Digitali Cinema, the three year program co-planned with Sensi Contemporanei, the experimental program from the Agenzia per
la coesione territoriale [Agency for regional cohesion] of the MiBACT [Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism] (with an investment of € 550,000 from the Fondo Sviluppo e Coesione [Development and Cohesion Fund] 2014-2020) and the Regione Toscana, implemented by the Fondazione Sistema Toscana – Toscana Film Commission (with an investment of € 300,000).
Added to this is the investment by the City of Prato for obtaining and renovating the areas in the historic monumental complex of Santa Caterina, the Manifatture headquarters, amounting to € 200,000 for creating a 700 square meter ‘cineport’ where productions can make use of offices, a
30 seat screening room with Full HD screen and technical equipment, casting rooms, makeup room and hairdresser, wardrobe room.
The opening of the Prato facilities will be followed by the activation of a similar audiovisual production center in Pisa dedicated to the application of digital and IT technologies in creative contexts for the development of audiovisual products.

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