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This year at the Lido there will be an excellent presence of great art at the cinema.
It will cross through the Official Competition with “Van Gogh – At Eternity’s Gate” by Julian Schnabel with Willem Dafoe, it will slip in as a thriller in “Una storia senza nome”, the film by Roberto Andò Out of Competition which tells the story of the Caravaggio stolen in Palermo and it will rediscover its classic, popular dimension in the dedicated space of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo which, on 2nd September (at 3.00 p.m.) will host a meeting with Magnitudo Film, the line producer and co-producer with Sky of big cinema events like “Raphael, the Lord of the Arts in 3D”, the recent “Caravaggio: the Soul and the Blood” and the new “Michelangelo – Endless” which will arrive in movie theaters in the fall.

While the producer, director and CEO of Magnitudo Film, Francesco Invernizzi, told the market at the Cinè convention (in Riccione last July) about the expansion of the company’s mission – the foray into distribution fortified by the strategic alliance with the Tvod platformChili – for the sophisticated Festival audience he has chosen some prestigious guests to support the presentation of the catalogue.


In fact Anna Coliva, director of the Galleria Borghese and curator of the exhibition on Bernini which ended last February, along with Luigi Ficacci, art historian and head of the regional board for archaeology, fine arts and landscape for the provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara will be introducing the big title with which Magnitudo will be opening the season: “Bernini” which will be in movie theaters on 12-13-14 November.
Invernizzi comments: “this is an extraordinary opportunity to tell cinema audiences about the work of the Baroque maestro as well as the Galleria Borghese which hosted the exhibition: there is a profound link between the work and the venue since it was Cardinal Scipione Borghese who commissioned most of the works from Bernini”. The display of over 60 masterpieces at Villa Borghese was, in fact, heralded by art experts as Bernini’s “homecoming”.

Venice will also be the ideal setting for the presentation of “Palladio”, the movie that will conclude Magnitudo Film’s 2018- 2019 season (it will be released on 22-23-24 April).
Invernizzi is proud to be able to propose some abstracts of the film in the same place he announced its production one year before.
For “Palladio” the special guests will be Antonio Foscari, professor of architecture, an art historian and great expert on the region as well as the proprietor of “Malcontenta”, the only Palladian villa on the Brenta Riviera (“a well-educated and sophisticated man”, says Invernizzi, “Professor Foscari allowed us to film inside the Villa by candlelight”), and Professor Lionello Puppi, art historian, academic and ordinary professor at the Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice, formerly the president of the degree course in the conservation of cultural assets.

In addition to “Bernini” and “Palladio” other Magnitudo titles will be arriving in movie theaters on an almost monthly basis. “Dinosaurs-for sale”, the “second” life of these prehistoric creatures from the excavations to the Galleries and Auction Houses (released on 10-11- 12 December); “Matera” (released on 21-22-23 January), the town that, more than any other, has represented peasant life and rural traditions and has now become a UNESCO heritage site; “Leonardo 500” (“we begin from the truth of Leonardo through the interpretation of the codes”, notes Invernizzi with regard to the movie that will be released on 18-19-20 February); “Wunderkammer,” a journey into the valuable collections that were once the prerogative of princes and kings and have now passed on to public museums although some of them still remain in private hands to this day (11-12-13 March).
Finally “Canova” (1-2-3 April) that, in addition to reconstructing the life and work of the neo- classic sculptor, investigates a little known aspect of his life: in fact not many people know that, after the fall of Napoleon, Canova was given the task of recovering stolen art treasures.

Magnitudo’s distribution adventure begins at a moment in which, bucking the prevailing trend of a general drop in Italian theater audiences, big events or additional content have turned out to be one of the best fruits of the digitalization of movie theaters, tripling its audience in just a few years.
The company led by Francesco Invernizzi has joined this growing trend starting with the international market: “to date we have been dialoging with distributors from around 70 countries”, he confirms.
The partnership with Chili is strategic to this plan: it is “a window onto the future”. A future that does not only consist of cinema but “of all the forms of exploitation offered by the market”.

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