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LOOSE CANNONS/Special Jury Mention at Tribeca

“Loose Cannons” by Ferzan Ozpetek received a Special Mention at the Tribeca Film Festival.
The Motivation: “...For making us laugh, cry and want to immediately book a trip to southern Italy, we reward the director Ferzan Ozpetek, his extraordinary cast and his team with this special mention.”

The following notes contain Ferzan Ozpeteks’ impressions of the city of Lecce, where the movie was shot:

“I like Lecce a lot from an esthetic point of view. At the beginning, it was like choosing a beautiful woman or man to frequent, but then it became an important choice because I discovered a whole new world. I loved the city and love the Salento area very much. I especially like the people, they make the city beautiful. I often feel a strong sense of nostalgia for Lecce.

I wrote the story of “Mine vaganti” with a place that was far away from Rome in mind, but it could have been anywhere, even in northern Italy.
Then we set it in Lecce and I wanted to pay tribute to this city which had welcomed us in such a wonderful way.
When I used to come out of the hotel where I was staying in the center, I would walk to the set early in the morning and it was a true pleasure for me to stroll around the city.
I always stopped off to say hello to my friend Antonio who sells suitcases “¦

The Film Commission staff were very helpful, they helped to open doors, and it was great to be able to count on their assistance.
I became great friends with the mayor of Lecce, whose political ideas are the exact opposite of mine: in the south, left and right are very different from in the north.
There is a completely different way of looking at life and things”.

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