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LOCATIONS/News from the Italian Film Commissions

PUGLIA/Two Series
From May 9, filming will take place in Bari, Monopoli, Fasano, Altamura, Grumo Appula, Modugno, Acquaviva delle Fonti and Polignano a Mare, on “Il Sistema”, the TV series directed by Carmine Elia and produced by Italian International and Rai Fiction, starring Claudio Gioè and Gabriella Pession. Another Rai Fiction series that is currently shooting in Puglia is “Questo è il mio paese” by Michele Soavi with Violante Placido, produced by Cross Productions. The locations are Vico del Gargano, Manfredonia, S. Marco in Lamis, Ischitella and Foresta Umbra (Foggia).
From March 27 – 30, Ostuni will be the protagonist of the television program “House Hunters International”.
Filming has just come to an end on two theatrical features: “Loro chi?” by Fabio Bonifacci and Francesco Miccichè, with Marco Giallini and Edoardo Leo, produced by Picomenedia and Warner Italia, shot in Santa Maria di Leuca, Marina di Melendugno (Torre S. Andrea) and Trani; and the co-production between Italy (Movimento Film and Rai Cinema) Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia: “Banat”, the debut work by Adriano Valerio, with Edoardo Gabriellini, Elena Radonicich and Piera degli Esposti.


TUSCANY/Web Series and Video Games
Two important theatrical productions are coming to Tuscany: in the second half of April, Grosseto will be the protagonist of “The Missing Paper”, a movie about the Ustica massacre directed by Renzo Martinelli and produced by the Martinelli Film Company, with the support of the Fondo Cinema della Regione Toscana.
From mid-May, for four weeks, Paolo Virzì will be filming “La Pazza Gioia” (provisional title), in the Lucchesia area and Versilia, starring Micaela Ramazzotti and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, produced by Lotus film. Written with Francesca Archibugi, the movie is about mental problems and the desire to get one’s life back by breaking down the barriers of prejudice about mental illness; some scenes have already been filmed in Tuscany, at the Viareggio Carnival and on the Calafuria bridge.
Web series and video games are seeing a growing involvement of young Tuscan film-makers: from “Elba, eredità di Napoleone” a web series filmed on the Island of Elba in 2014 by the group of independent video- makers from Livorno, I Licaoni, launching now on Ray, Rai Fiction’s web portal, to the video game set in the former psychiatric hospital of Volterra “The Town of Light”, developed by the Tuscan programmer Luca Dalcò, which won an award at Game Connection in Paris for the best emerging project in the “Story & Storytelling” category.
The video game will be released in September 2015. “Getalive”  is the first web series about role play realized by a group of kids from Prato who started a crowdfunding campaign on the web with the collaboration of Lucca Comics & Games. Filming is scheduled for the summer in the woods of the Acquerino Nature Reserve in the province of Prato.

SOUTH TYROL/Winspeare is coming
Between the spring and summer, in addition to “The Corrispondence” (working title) by Giuseppe Tornatore, three foreign movies will be filmed in Alto Adige, all supported by BLS.
“Attack of the Lederhosen- zombies” (working title), is an Austrian comedy directed by Dominik Hartl and produced by the Viennese Fischer Film (330,000 Euros of production funding from BLS).
Also from Vienna is the dramatic comedy “Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden” (working title), by Virgil Widrich, produced by Amour Fou Vienna, in co-production with Amour Fou Luxembourg, which received production support of 200,000 Euros. “König Laurin” (working title), is a family movie directed by Matthias Lang, which will be filmed in the Dolomites. It is produced by Sparkling Pictures of Munich and has received production support of 270,000 Euros, in addition to the 12,000 Euros from BLS for pre-production.
“Perseverance” (working title), is a movie from Alto Adige by Miha Knific about the main events in the life of a human being: birth, love, loss and death. It is produced by helios – sustainable films of Bolzano, in co-production with Croatia (Nukleus Film Croatia), Serbia (This&That Productions) and Slovenia (Nukleus Film Slovenia). The movie has received 70,000 Euros for the production.
Meanwhile the 6 new projects that will receive the first tranche of the 2015 BLS Fund have been announced, guaranteeing 144 days of filming in Alto Adige. They are: the dramatic movie “Maikäfer flieg!” (working title), by Mirjam Unger, produced by the Austrian KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production, which will be shot in Merano, Cermes and Vipiteno (550,000 Euros); “Three Peaks” (working title), a co-production between Echofilm of Bolzano and Rohfilm from Berlin, that Jan Zabeil will film on the Tre Cime/Three Peaks of Lavaredo, Dolomiti di Sesto and in the Città dei Sassi (Passo Sella) (350,000 Euros); “Die Einsiedler” (working title), by Ronny Trocker, to be filmed in the municipality of Lasa, produced by Berlin’s Zischlermann Filmproduktion in co-production with the Austrian Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices (320,000 Euros); “Man in the Box” (working title), by Arsen Anton Ostojic, produced by Evergreen Productions (United Kingdom) in coproduction with Grip Film Croatia (250,000 Euros).
The location is the village of Malga Fane in Valles. Plus there is the TV documentary “Das Geheimnis der Bergkräuter” (working title), by Wilma Pradetto and Veronika Kaserer, which will be filmed on the Alpe di Siusi and has received funding of 60,000 Euros.
It is produced by Miramonte Film of Bolzano in co-production with the Austrian Wurzinger Filmproduktion.
The new movie by Edoardo Winspeare, “Eva dorme” (working title), produced by Mediaart Production Coop of Bolzano in co-production with the Viennese Prisma Film, will receive funding of 40,000 Euros to support the pre-production.


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