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LIGURIA/Petra Delicato in Genoa

Filming began last March in Genova, with the support of theGenova Liguria Film Commission, on the TV series “Petra” inspired by the famous detective from Barcelona, Petra Delicato, created in the mid Nineties by writer Alicia Giménez-Bartlett and successfully brought to Italy by Sellerio. Four female detective stories directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi, a Sky original project produced by Cattleya – part of ITV Studios – in association with Bartlebyfilm. The Italian Petra, played by Paola Cortellesi, is an inspector with the Genovese flying squad who finds herself catapulted from the filing room to the front line to solve cases of violence and homicide alongside deputy inspector Antonio Monte, an old-style policeman nearing retirement, played by Andrea Pennacchi. The series is written by Giulia Calenda, Furio Andreotti and Ilaria Macchia.
One screenplay was also penned by Enrico Audenino. After Genova the production will move on to Rome.

At the beginning of March, Ventimiglia was the set of the movie “Easy Living” by the young Italian-Japanese directors Orso and Marco Miyakawa. Produced by Wise, this is a project that looks at migration and borders in a playful way and was also filmed in Piedmont and Mentone.
Filming is about to start in Liguria on a series of documentaries and features linked to the Morandi Bridge tragedy that include “Black Swan” (working title) and «Genova, 11.36», that will be presented at the MipDoc Pitching in Cannes and produced by the 42° Parallelo production company.

The Italian-Czech co-production “Il Boemo”, produced by Jan Macola’s Mimesis, directed by Petr Vaclav, will instead be arriving in the fall: this is a costume movie set in the second half of the 18th century that revolves around the story of the triumphs and defeats of a Bohemian musician.
Co-produced by Italy’s Dugong, it will be shot in Liguria, Veneto and Lombardy, between Cremona and Pavia.

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