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“Feeding the planet, energy for life”: the theme of EXPO 2015, that will be inaugurated in Milan on May 1st, is also an opportunity to reflect on related topics such as the environment and sustainability.
This is true for cinema and for audiovisuals; and, naturally, it is also true for our magazine which has made the process of forging links with the territory its signature.

In this issue we will report on the work that, with the encouragement of the Film Commissions, audiovisual professionals are carrying out in the fields of sustainability, energy savings and the reduction of the emission of pollutants.
The occasion was the conference held last February in Cagliari, that the ECAD (European Cinema and Audiovisual Days), organized by the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, dedicated to the sustainability of the creative industries.
These Days, to which – thanks to the collaboration and support, including of an economic nature, of the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission – we are dedicating a special report, launched an itinerary which aims to intersect with the so-called “excellences” of the region in subsequent issues.
In fact, the event in Milan is also an important opportunity for Italian audiovisuals that can play a more than marginal role in the Made in Italy “story”.

Cinema & Video International is doing its bit: small, but concrete and transparent

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