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LAZIO/Great Expectations for the Location Award

The Roma Lazio Film Commission [RLFC] has been selected for the short list of finalists that will compete for the Location Award, the European prize for the best theatrical location, organized by the EUFCN – European Film Commission Network on the Cineuropa site whose winners will be launched during Berlinale 2020.
This year the RLFC nominated the Castle of Rocchettine at Torri in Sabina in the province of Rieti, the set of the TV series, “The Name of the Rose”, directed by Giacomo Battiato.

During the MIA, the international Audiovisual market which was held in Rome last October, the Premio Lazio Frames was assigned to “Se c’è un aldilà sono fottuto. Vita e cinema di Claudio Caligari” by Simone Isola and Fausto Trombetta, a documentary presented in the Italians doc it better section at the MIA.
The winners of the Bando Crossing Script, created through a collaboration between the Roma Lazio Film Commission and the Rabinovich Foundation in Tel Aviv, were also announced at the MIA.
They are: “Anthem” by Dany Lerner and “The years of the father” by Stefano Veneruso, Anna Pavignano and Alfredo Morabito. The award is dedicated to theatrical story-lines suitable for realizing projects between Israel and Lazio through the development of co-productions.

Many different sets have recently hosted productions.
Filming took place last November in Rome on “Hope”, produced by LLC TV Channel (Ukraine), with the assistance of the Roma Lazio Film Commission: a television program based on a series of stories about the monotheist religions of the world, as well as “Home Restaurant”, by Kimera Produzioni Tv, an eight episode program with Michele La Ginestra and Vania Zorzi, broadcast from November to February on the new channel Rai 6.

In early fall, Rome also hosted the filming on “Il Calabrone” by Sergio Castellitto, produced by Paco Cinematografica (the cast includes Sergio Castellitto, Lorenzo Richelmy, Anna Foglietta and Marina Occhionero), as well as “DNA – Decisamente non adatti” with Lillo & Greg moving behind the camera for the first time.
The comedy, produced by Lucky Red and Vision Distribution, stars Anna Foglietta alongside Lillo and Greg. It will be released in movie theaters in spring 2020, distributed by Vision Distribution.

Massimiliano Bruno filmed “Ritorno al crimine”, the sequel to “Non ci resta che il crimine”, in Rome, Naples and the surrounding area.
Produced by Fulvio and Federica Lucisano for Italian International Film with Rai Cinema, it will be distributed by 01 Distribution. The cast includes Alessandro Gassmann, Marco Giallini, Edoardo Leo and Gian Marco Tognazzi.

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