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LAZIO 2/New Policy for Italian Products abroad

As MeDigital came to an end, the age-old question of the internationalization of Italian audiovisual products and their distribution on world markets was still being discussed.

“The first step towards distributing domestic audiovisual products abroad”, emphasizes the Secretary General of the Regione Lazio, Francesco Gesualdi, “is the progressive concentration of resources which should no longer be dispersed in thousands of different events. We need to identify a common shared policy that makes it possible to export our product.
As a Regional government we have confirmed our determination to support and strengthen the audiovisual sector; we will continue to do so with new initiatives and are convinced that we will find an objective that is common to all parties involved”.

The Rt. Hon. Luca Barbareschi, who produces audiovisuals through Casanova Entertainment, believes that the foreign promotion and distribution system for “Made in Italy” products should be reviewed: “The problem isn’t the product but the proper valorization of the same on international markets through adequate promotion.
With regard to the export of Italian products, we are seeing the results in the field of a correct strategy thanks to the new path taken by Rai Trade following the arrival of Carlo Nardello (Editor’s note: Managing Director of Rai Trade)”.

A boost to internationalization that begins in the Lazio region and Rome, in particular, comments Barbareschi, “the city of audiovisuals par excellence which plays an absolutely central role in the Mediterranean”.

“In contrast to the cuts that have been made to the FUS (Italian Fund for Entertainment) on a national level”, states Gesualdi, “over the last four years we have tried to blaze the trail for a new development of audiovisuals, the Region’s most important industrial sector, because we believe that cinema and TV are the two assets Italy can rely on to relaunch itself.
Lazio is a true oasis for audiovisuals.
We hope that other Italian regions will follow our example”.

Training also plays a big role in the creation of a production center for wider-ranging audiovisuals with an international dimension: “Alongside the Province of Rome, we are looking into restoring the “Vasca navale” building complex in order to create a permanent site for a top level audiovisual school which, amongst other things, will lead to the realization of products that will find immediate outlets at the RomaFictionFest and the Rome Film Festival”.

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