direttore Paolo Di Maira

JOY WONG (The Works International – UK )

It’s a very important market for meeting the European buyers who don’t come to the AFM.  As far as deals are concerned, I’m in discussions with some people but I haven’t closed anything yet.  We are at Italian Screenings with “La Prima Linea”, a film we immediately fell in love with (we entered at the script phase with Lucky Red, with whom we work a lot, we really appreciate their taste and sensitivity), which has already been sold in Benelux and France, and “Io sono l’amore (sold in North America, Australia and New Zealand, Benelux, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Hong Kong).  It’s good to have Italian Screenings even though they are not as well attended as the rest of the market, but this is not just a Rome related problem, because people are having meetings all the time.

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