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Italians at MipCom

Once again this year the Riviera Pavilion of the Palais des Festival in Cannes will be hosting the Italia Stand organized by the APT, ICE and UNEFA: a covered area of around 180 sq. meters as well as 40 sq. meters of terrace divided into individual stands, plus an open space (umbrella area) with desks for business meetings.
RomaFictionFest and the companies which belong to the Association of TV Producers, GA&A Productions, Lux Vide, Publispei, will also be attending with their own mini-booth. 
Albatross Entertainment, DAP Italy, Paypermoon Italia and Wilder will also be present inside the APT members’ stand.
A catalogue listing the companies in the Italian pavilion, prepared by the ICE, will be distributed to everyone registering for the event. “The ICE (Italian Foreign Trade Commission) will be organizing the Italian participation at Cannes”, confirms Gisella De Pace, the ICE’s Consumer Goods and Leisure Manager, “with an “˜umbrella area’ that will host around 45 companies including exporters, producers and distributors of documentaries, animation and drama and, from this year, the Film Commission Italia Riviera-Alpi del Mare, alongside the 13 individual stands managed by the APT (Association of Television Producers) and UNEFA (Union of Italian Film and Audiovisual Exporters)”.

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