Intramovies  at Marché du Film: RIVIERA A6 C1 

UNA FEMMINA- The Code of Silence
(Una Femmina)

Directed by: Francesco Costabile   – first time director
Drama, Crime
Duration: 120’
Year: 2021
Production: Tramp Limited O’Groove

Rosa is a restless girl who lives with her mother’s relatives in a remote South Italian village. Her mother’s mysterious death when she was still a child casts a gloomy shadow on her present. When the truth emerges and Rosa realizes she is trapped in a same predestined fate, she decides to betray her family seeking revenge against her own blood. However, when your family belongs to the ‘ndrangheta mafia, a single failed step can lead to death. 

• Berlinale Panorama 2022 – Official Selection 
• David di Donatello Awards – Nomination for the best new director and best adapted screenplay
• Bif&st Bari International Film Festival 2022 – Mariangela Melato Award for the revelation actress, Alberto Sordi Award for Best Supporting Actor 
• Sudestival 2022 – Best Film, Best Musics, Audience Award 
• Festa do Cinema Italiano Lisboa 2022 – Official Selection 

In Presence May 20th – 11:30am, OLYMPIA 3
Online: May 21st – 11:30am, OLYMPIA #3 ONLINE
Online: May 23rd – 4:00pm, ONLINE #3

(Sabirsizlik Zamani)

Directed by: Aydın Orak – first time director
Drama, Coming of Age
Duration: 94’
Year: 2021
Production: Orak Film

Dog days of summer in a Kurdish city in Turkey, two unruly bright twins from a poor neighborhood are distracted by their daily routine and school duties, having an only goal in life: to dive into a proper swim- ming pool, one in particular, in the luxury site on their way to school. Between them and their dream, a boundary wall and behind it the stubborn and irreproachable watchmen who‘s everyday their laughing stock. They will start their little own class warfare. 

• Warsaw International FilmFest 2021 – Competition 1-2
• Bosphorus Film Festival 2021 – National Competition 
• Antakya International Film   Festival – Audience Special Award, Best Actress Award
• Glasgow International Film Festival 2022 – Official Selection
• Sofia International Film Festival – International Competition
• Turkish Film Days Cologne 2022 – Official Selection 
• D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2022 – Filmin Emergents Competition 

(Sokea Mies, Joka Ei Halunnut Nähdä Titanicia)

Directed by: Teemu Nikki (Euthanizer) 
Drama, Thriller
Duration: 82’
Year: 2021
Production: It’s Alive Films Wacky Tie Films

Jaakko is blind and disabled, tightened to his wheelchair. He loves Sirpa. Living far away, they have never met in person, but they meet every day over the phone. When Sirpa is overwhelmed by shocking news, Jaakko decides to go to her immediately despite his condition. In any case, he just needs to rely on the help of five strangers in five places: from home to taxi, from taxi to station, from station to train, from train to taxi and finally from taxi to… her. 

• Venice Film Festival 2021 – Orizzonti Extra – Audience Award Armani beauty • Busan International Film Festival 2021 – World Cinema
• Antalya International Film Festival 2021 – Best Actor Award
• El Gouna Film Festival – Best Film Award, Best Actor Award 
• Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2021 – International Perspective • HOF International Film Festival – Official Selection
• Lübeck Nordic Film Days – Baltic Film Prize For A Nordic Feature Film, NTERFILM Church Prize Special Mention
• Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021 – Open Horizons
• Arras Film Festival 2021 – Young Audience Award, Atlas Jury Mention
• Tallinn Black Nights International Film Festival – Current Waves
• Goa International Film Festival 2021 – World Panorama
• European Film Forum Scanorama 2021 – Official Selection
• Glasgow International Film Festival 2022 – General Program
• SXSW – South By Southwest 2022 – Visions
• Kosmorama – Trondheim International Film Festival 2022 – Relations • Seattle International Film Festival 2022 – Contemporary World Cinema • Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic FF 2022 – Ain’t no cure for love
• Istanbul International Film Festival 2022 – Best of Fests
• FebioFest – Prague Int’l Film Festival 2022 – Panorama: New Currents

(Al Garib)

Directed by: Ameer Fakher Eldin – First time director
Duration: 113’
Year: 2021
Production: Fresco Films, Red Balloon Film, Metafora Production

In a small village in the occupied Golan Heights, the life of a desperate unlicensed doctor who is going through an existential crisis, takes another unlucky turn when he encounters a man wounded in the war in Syria. Overturning all community expectations in times of war and national cri- sis, he ventures forth to meet his newly found destiny. 

• Venice Film Festival 2021 – Giornate Degli Autori – Edipo Re Award 
• Cairo International Film Festival 2021 – Critic’s Week Competition – Best Film Award, Best Arab Film Award
• Read Sea International Film Festival 2021 – Festival Favourites 
• Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2021 – Anhar Award for the Best Arab Film
• Hamburg International Film Festival 2021 – Kaleidoskop//FF2021 section Special Mention
• Palestine Cinema Days Film Festival 2021 – Opening Film
• Asian World FF 2021 – Official Competition
• London Palestine FF 2021 – Opening Film
• Reel Palestine FF 2022
• Malmo Arab Film Festival 2022 – Feature Film Competition 
• Arab Film Days Oslo 2022 – Official Competition
• San Diego Arab Film Festival 2022 – Official Selection
• Berlin Arab Film Festival 2022 – Official Selection
• Aflam Film Festival Marseille 2022 – Official Selection
• Chicago Palestine Film Festival 2022 – Official Selection 

(Los Zuluagas)

Directed by: Flavia Montini – First time director
Duration: 80’
Year: 2021
Production: FilmAffair

Camilo, (37) has been exiled from Colombia since he was 10. Son of two late guerrilla fighters, his father was a leader of the rebellion and his mother was ‘desaparecida’ since he was just 5 years old.
For the first time, he travels back to Colombia with his own son. The family welcomes them and opens up with their own memories. Together with the intimate videotapes and writings of his father, a story starts picturing the why of the impossible dialogue between his growing up self and a charis- matic father married to the revolution. A revolution that he’d put over his personal feelings and above the life of his wife and family. With the hover- ing ghost of a wiped out woman: Camilo’s mother. 

• David Di Donatello Awards 2022 – Nomination for the Best Documentary Film 
• Festival Dei Popoli 2021 – Distribution Award “Unmissable” 
• FICCI Cartagena 2022 – Homemade 

(Mother Lode)

Directed by: Matteo Tortone – First time director
Duration: 86’
Year: 2021
Production: Wendigo Films, Malfé Film, C-Side Productions 

Jorge leaves his moto-taxi business in the suburbs of Lima and his family to seek fortune as a miner, reaching the highest and most dangerous Andean goldmine in Peru. Lost under a glacier in the mountains, La Rinconada is “the closest city to the sky”. It attracts thousands of seasonal workers like Jorge, seeking a lucky strike and a better life. Here starts a journey full of presages, where reality and magic blends to- gether, where the myth of richness is built over a sacrifice: every now and then, miners mysteriously disappear, since gold belongs to the Devil, El Tio de la Mina requires sacrifices. The gold rush at the times of neoliberalism, a descent to hell, mirroring a relentless world where everything and everyone is expendable in the name of profit. 

• Annecy Cinema Italien 2021 – Il Concorso • DocLisboa Intl Film Festival 2021 – From Earth to the Moon
• Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021 – Official Competition
• Italian Film Festival Madrid 2021 – Official Selection
• DocPoint – Helsiniki International Documentary FF 2022 – International Program
• ZagrebDox Film Festival 2022 – Regional Competition 


(Dirty, Difficoult, Dangerous)

Directed by: Wissam Charaf (Heaven Sent) 
Year: 2022
Production: Aurora Films, Intramovies, Né à Beyrouth Films

Beirut, Lebanon. An impossible love story between an Ethiopian domestic and a refugee with a mysterious physical condition related to the war exposure in Syria.