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“Even back in 2008, with As God Commands, I realized that the FVG Film Commission is not just a structure that provides services, however precious they may be, or even just a distributor of funding. I can now confirm with certainty that, thanks to the passion
and expertise of its representatives, the Film Commission has become a very important element in the making of my movies. Without someone who knows the region (and I am not just talking about location-hunting, but also business relations , experience, bureaucracy) and, at the same time, understands the world of movies, everything would be much more complicated.”

“I have known Trieste for a long time and always found it to be intriguing. However, 5 years ago, in a pause during the filming of As God Commands, I discovered that treasure of architecture and imagination which is Porto Vecchio, the port of the Austro- Hungarian empire, and fell in love with it. I immediately remembered it when we were looking for locations for The Invisible Boy. Trieste is a city with many faces, distinctly graphic, a city that hides and reveals itself in every corner, every building. A city that is at times “invisible” for my Invisible Boy”.

 Gabriele Salvatores for Cinema & Video International  

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