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The priorities of the Los Angeles mission of Lucia Borgonzoni, undersecretary at the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, were to reassure US professionals that the Tax Credit would be confirmed and expanded and to renew the request to the majors to support the promotion of cinema during the summer months.

In fact, Borgonzoni, following an agenda organized by ANICA [Italian Association of Cinematographic Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries], chose the dates of the American Film Market to visit the Market in Santa Monica, meeting with the director, Jonathan Wolf and the Italian participants, as well as the CEO of MPAA Charles Rivkin.

This institutional tour is worth highlighting not just because it had been years since a member of the government had ventured out to the west coast but above all because, with excellent timing, it took place at a moment when, with the return of the majors to Italy, it was necessary to dispel any doubts and uncertainties regarding the changes in political leadership.

Judging by the activism of the undersecretary there appears to be a concrete continuation of the ambitious internationalization plan launched by the previous government if not an actual acceleration of the same.
After Hollywood, in mid November the undersecretary’s road map led her to Russia for the Saint Petersburgh International Cultural Forum where Italy was the guest of honor and, according to ANICA sources, she will soon arrive in China.

In the meantime, new recognition of the value of our cinema industry arrives from Europe and, in particular, from the prestigious European Film Academy. “Dogman” has received two awards: Massimo Cantini Parrini is the “European costume designer 2018”, while Dalia Colli, Lorenzo Tamburini & Daniela Tartari won the “European Hairstylist and Make-up Artist 2018” award.
These are significant because the protagonists are cinema industry crafts thus demonstrating that the Bel Paese does not just offer beauty, thanks to its locations, but outstanding professional skills as well.

This is what the Italian Film Commissions will be telling producers at Focus, the international event dedicated to locations that opens in London on December 4, where they will be present in force.

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