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2011 is turning out to be an excellent year for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission: “This year”, explains the director Federico Poillucci, “over 420 days of filming will take place in our region. If another two projects are confirmed, as I hope they will be, we will pass the 500 mark for the first time”.
After filming ended in March (in the Alps and Carnic pre-Alps) on the feature “A Montanha” by Vicente Ferraz with Sergio Rubini, and “Helena & Glory” by Marco Pontecorvo for Rai 1 (in Trieste) with Barbora Boboulova, the Film Commission is now preparing to welcome a six part series for Rai 1, “Sposami” by Umberto Marino. Also arriving in Trieste in June is Stefano Reali for the Rai 1 mini-series “Caruso”, probably starring Beppe Fiorello and Monica Bellucci.
For the moment three theatrical productions have been announced for the fall: Bela Film’s “Feed me with your words” by Martin Turk (locations: Trieste and Gorizia) in September, Transmedia Production’s ” Il mio nipote scemo” by Matteo Oleotto (location: Gorizia) between October and November, and Faber Film’s TIR by Alberto Fasulo (locations: Trieste and Udine).
The regional government has responded to the dynamism of the structure led by Poillucci by raising the financing for the Film Commission’s management and institutional activities to 270 thousand Euros (from 205 thousand Euros last year), and by bringing the Film Fund’s resources to 730,000 Euros (compared to 500,000 in 2010). Another sign of cinema’s good state of health in Friuli Venezia Giulia is the opening, last April, of the Casa del Cinema, located in the former port workers’ building next to the Old Port, provided by the Provincial Government of Trieste.
The Film Commission has moved to this new location which is also being used by the province’s cinema associations (festivals, regional Multimedia library).
A whole floor of the building is made available to audiovisual productions hosted by the Film Commission to be used for production offices”” dressmaking and tailoring services “” props “” garages for parking vehicles.

So now, at last, Trieste has its own cine-port!

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