direttore Paolo Di Maira

FREDERICK TSUI (Media Asia Group -Hong Kong)

This is my fourth time here and I think the market has matured a lot.  At the beginning people only came because it was in Rome and it was well organized, more than anything it was seen as a place for operators to meet in a social atmosphere.  Now it has become a quality market which is very important for me as it is the only opportunity to meet those European buyers who, due to the crisis, no longer go to the American Film Market.  This year I have also had some purchase offers, something that never happened in the first two years.

The Screenings were not very satisfactory, there weren’t many people in the theater, because they were all in meetings.  A market like Toronto is more “film oriented”, there are long queues to see the movies and the people only decide to buy after the screening.  Of course, it is also true that that type of market is less effective if you don’t have movies in the screenings and just want to present your library.  Rome is much more appropriate in that case.

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