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FILMING IN LIGURIA/Sets between the Sea and the Sky

From the late 90s until today, Liguria and Genoa have been featured in an increasing number of TV commercials, TV series (such as “Vento di Ponente” and the less fortunate “48 ore”, the transfer of “Beautiful” to Portofino and Camogli, plus various episodes of “Vivere”, Incantesimo”, “Centovetrine”, “Un Posto al Sole”).
This has been accompanied by a crescendo of quality theatrical productions.
In recent years, the area has welcomed Gianni Amelio whose movie “La Stella che non c’è” (2006), starring Sergio Castellitto, included some scenes shot in the former Ilva (Italsider) area and Villa Bombrini, Pasquale Scimeca with “Gli Indesiderabili” (2003), starring Vincent Gallo and Vincent Schiavelli, Silvio Soldini with “Agata e laTempesta” (2004), “Uno su Due” by Eugenio Cappuccio starring Fabio Volo and Ninetto Davoli (2006) and, finally, “Genova” by Michael Winterbottom (2007) starring Colin Firth, “Giorni e Nuvole” (2007) by Silvio Soldini with Margherita Buy and Antonio Albanese, and “Inkheart” (2007) by Iain Soft ley, starring Brendan Fraser and Helen Mirren, filmed entirely in the province of Savona.

Cinema&Video Intrnational             n. 10-11 October/November 2007

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