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KRAKOW/The Vatican and Science
In the last few weeks the Krakow Film Commission has participated in the Israeli TV production for Network Channel 2 titled “The Perfect Vacation-season 3”.
This show presents desirable destinations around the globe and then explores their magic by connecting with the locals through the main social networks. The host seeks out the places that only the locals know about and then shows them to the viewers.
Filming lasted 2 days and showed off many of the city’s interesting yet not touristic locations.
What is more, in May and June, Krakow welcomed an international coproduction “Maria Skłodowska-Curie” directed by Maria Noelle.
This biopic sheds light on the struggle of women in the world of science and presents the life story of the first person ever to win two Nobel Prizes. The international premiere is planned for 2016.
The producers include P’Artisan Filmproduktion GmbH (Germany), Sepia Produktion S.A.R.L. (France), Pokromski Studio (Poland), and Alvernia Studios (Poland).
The film was shot in several locations including Jagiellonian University, AGH University and a few streets in the Old Town of Krakow.
Just recently “Maria Skłodowska-Curie” was honored among the other projects and won the VII Film Production Support competition organized by the Krakow Regional Film Fund.

Incentives/ Gomorrah also looks to the East

Following Croatia’s filming incentives, 8 international productions have opted to film in Croatia in the first half of 2015, with an additional 7 in the pipeline for the second half of the year.
Among these are: “An Uncertain Border” by Italian director Isabelle Sandri; the Danish-Croatian coproduction “Second Best” by Mikkel Serup; the 2-part TV film being prepared by Constantin Television, “Branka Marić, the Devil from Split” about a fictional local detective, directed by Alexander Dierbach; “Jacques Cousteau”, a French-Croatian biopic, which is expected to be partially shot in Croatia this autumn, as well as the acclaimed Sky Italia crime-drama “Gomorrah, Season 2”, based on the book by Roberto Saviano.
International productions filming in Croatia in 2015 are projected to spend over EUR 30 million, with an incentive payment of close to EUR 6 million.
ZADAR/A chocolate production
The Film Commission Zadar is happy to announce the filming of “Tytgat Chocolat”, a road movie and love story about a group of packers in a chocolate factory. “Tytgat Chocola”t is by the Belgian production company De Mensen. Jasper Vloemans works as a packer at the Flemish chocolate factory Tytgat Chocolat.  There he falls in love with one of his colleagues: Tina, a girl of Kosovar origin.
The main roles in the series are played by actors from Theater STAP, a theater company that works with a permanent ensemble of professional actors with mental disabilities. The series is written and directed by Marc Bryssinck, the artistic director of Theater STAP, and Filip Lenaerts. The Belgian production company De Mensen will start shooting in Zadar County on July 20th.



Navarra/“The Promise” and “Game of Thrones” are about to arrive.
Since January 1st 2015, new film production incentives are offered for filming in Spain.
These incentives were incorporated in the new article 36.2 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s fiscal reform at the request of the Spain Film Commission.
These new incentives plus the quality of its crews and equipment, the magnificent climate and the diversity of wonderful locations make Spain the perfect destination for filming as has been demonstrated in the past and will be again in the near future with the filming of “Game of Thrones” season 6, “The Promise” and the new Bourne film.
HBO has announced that Navarra will be one of the locations for the sixth season of “Game of Thrones”.
Auditions have already been held for the1200 extras required for the filming in October.
Likewise, the film crew of “The Promise”, a feature film directed by Irish filmmaker Terry George, has also held auditions in Tudela.
The film, starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, will shoot some scenes in Navarra later this year.
The Chartered Community of Navarra has approved a reform of tax regulations that places it among the most attractive regions for filming. The new regulations include a 35% corporate income tax deduction for the production of films or series. This tax incentive is aimed at promoting economic activity in the regional audio visual industry.

STUTTGART/Postcard locations
Hidden places, hidden stories: a set of postcards full of surprising moments, forgotten history and architectural witnesses of their day was produced by the Film Commission Region Stuttgart.
In order to help filmmakers discover new locations, “Rückblenden” (cutbacks) presents unusual perspectives and impetus. Every single place can inspire and stimulate new ideas in a different way.

And there´s always a special story behind the scenes: from the laborer Peter Geyser who started the popular revolt in 1514 which later resulted in the German Peasants’ War, to an old villa where famous German authors used to gather, to the grave of an opera star shot by a rejected lover. A journey through a beautiful region that offers unusual sights.



PRAGUE/A production boom
This year the Czech Republic is experiencing a boom in film production with international features and television series flocking to Prague to benefit from the country’s production rebate – the 20% cash back on Czech production costs and 10% on international above-the-line expenses.
Fox 21 has been filming the second season of the series “Legends”, starring Sean Bean as a deep-cover operative, in Prague since June 2015.
Lakeshore Entertainment is currently in pre-production on “Underworld: Next Generation”, the fifth film in the successful action-horror franchise with Kate Beckinsale reprising her leading role.
The UK-French-Czech co-production “Anthropoid” will start shooting on July 20th.
The film is based on the true story of the assassination of a leading Nazi figure by Czech paratroopers played by Jamie Dornan and Cilian Murphy.
Historical events are also the basis for “The Zookeeper’s Wife” about a Polish couple who saved hundreds of people and zoo animals from the horrors of World War II. Two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain has been cast in the leading role. Pre-production is underway, with filming scheduled to begin on September 21st.
Local industry insiders expect this trend to continue as changes to the incentives program make it easier for studio films and other big-budget productions to access the cash rebate.
Starting in January 2016, the rebate will no longer be subject to a yearly cap. Producers will be able to register at any time and immediately receive a registration certificate that guarantees payment of the rebate upon fulfilment of all the conditions.

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