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FILM COMMISSIONS&MARKETS: a growing fellowship

The importance of the Film Commissions is growing.
Their participation at international Festivals and Markets brings an identifying brand to the industries of the various countries, creating connections between professionals and regions and the opportunities offered by the latter.

The central position gained by the Film Commissions has not gone unnoticed by the Markets which, for years, have been facing an identity crisis as they are forced to go beyond their traditional core business which was the sale of exhibition spaces. In some cases, like the American Film Market, the attention has been translated into an alliance with another event, Location Expo.

In this context the initiative announced by the Berlinale at the end of August is not surprising and is actually a source of great satisfaction.
The new business platform expanding the Berlinale’s European Film Market will be called EFM Landmark. It will create networking opportunities between producers and film commissions which will no longer just assist producers in their scouting activities to find the best locations, but also and, above all, become the collectors and distributors of first-hand information regarding financing, coproduction and the possibilities for shooting in the city or region they represent.

Realized in collaboration with the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN), the as- sociation which, since 2005, has united all the European film commissions, the first edition of EFM Landmark will be held on February 24 and 25 2020 inside the Berlinale market, as well as in the Berlin House of Representatives, the venue of the Berlinale Coproduction Market.

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