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FESTIVALS/’Popoli’ flies to the States

The “Festival dei Popoli” has been included in the internationalization program promoted by the Regional Government of Tuscany and as such, will be the region’s “ambassador” to New York with a selection of the best works presented at previous editions.

The event is organized with the support of the Mediateca Regione Toscana Film Commission which thus continues its work of coordinating and promoting Tuscan festivals that began last fall with the show at the Cinema Gambrinus in Florence.
“We will take the Tuscany that Americans love to New York”, explains the director Stefania Ippoliti.
“Not just documentaries, but also the “flavors of Tuscany” with food and wine specialties and examples of the region’s valuable craft traditions.”

The location will be the Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island, from 5th “” 7th June.
The trip to the States aims to highlight the revival of this glorious Florentine Festival, a task with which the new director, Luciano Barisone, journalist and film critic, has been entrusted.

The 49th edition of the Festival, to be held in Florence from 14th “” 21st November, will include many different new features, announces the director, according to a strategy that is increasingly attentive to the languages of reality cinema.

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