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EMILIA ROMAGNA/A new Film Fund is born

Now Emilia Romagna also has its own Fund to support cinema: it was set up on July 22nd within the framework of a law that redefines the region’s entire theatrical and audiovisual policy.

“The innovative part of this law,” the regional Councilor for Culture, Massimo Mezzetti, explained to Cinema & Video International, “is that it is not limited to establishing a Film Fund and redefining the role of the Film Commission, but it also aims to invest in supporting and strengthening the entire production chain, from professional training, to production to distribution, to exhibiting, to internationalization”.
Consistently, the annual funding of around 2.5 million Euros is the result of the involvement of 4 councilors: around one million Euros (a figure which had already been allocated to cinema expenditure) from the Councilor responsible for Culture; another million from the FSR structural European funds pledged by the Productive Activities depart- ment, and the remaining half a million shared between the Departments of Tourism and Training.

With the passing of this law, Mezzetti brings to completion four years of work which started when he took his place in the Department of Culture and pledged to set up a Film Fund. As many of you know, with the resignation of the governor, Vasco Errani, the Council is ending its legislative period early with respect to its natural term (albeit by only a couple of months), and there will be new elections in November.

In these three months, Mezzetti and his colleagues will work on setting up a three year plan to make the law operative “that we will give to the new Council: it will contain the principal guidelines”. However the main features have already been outlined: “All the funding should be directed towards creating and sustaining employment and businesses in the region”.

The Film Fund, to which the one million Euros of FSR funds is headed, will be dedicated to supporting local productions as well as attracting external ones: a necessary condition will be the guaranteed use of significant percentages of local businesses and skilled workers: there is talk of 60% for external productions and 50% for local ones.
Another qualifying fact is that, according to the new law, whilst it remains a Regional government office, the Film Commission will include representatives of the four Councilors. It will play a key role as it will be responsible for coordinating “the interventions, the funding, the regions”, but it will not be tasked with the selection which will be entrusted to a special assessment committee”, the Councilor is keen to point out.

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