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EMILIA ROMAGNA/Waiting for Guadagnino

44 productions supported, 10 development projects and 42 festivals and exhibitions funded, 24 training courses for 360 participants under its belt: these are the Emilia Romagna Film Commission’s figures of the at the end of 2019.

While it awaits the arrival of Oscar-winner Luca Guadagnino’s crew which will be filming part of the series “We are who we are” produced by Small Forward Productions, in collaboration with HBO, in the city, Bologna will be invaded by a myriad of documentary sets: “I quattro moschettieri” by Nicolò Bassetti, produced by Nuovi Paesaggi Urbani, “A noi rimane il mondo” the work by Armin Ferrari about the Wu Ming, produced by Altrove Films, “We are everywhere”, the story of Franco Grillini, the founder of Arci Gay, portrayed by Filippo Vendemmiati for Genoma Films, “Decadenza”, where Olive Bohler and Céline Gailleurd go back over the story and tradition of Italian silent cinema from 1896 to 1930, (Articolture), and “OTO– Lontano e vicino” by Elisa Motta and Matteo Ferrarini (Small Boss).

There will also be numerous feature film sets working in the region. “Bocche inutili”, a film by Claudio Uberti, tells a story which took place in the concentration camp of Fossoli in 1944 and will be filmed in Fossoli, Carpi and Cinecittà.

Three lives that become intertwined inside and outside prison are at the center of “Tutti i nostri ieri”, produced by Atomo Film and directed by Andrea Papini, the sets of which will probably be located in the Po Delta, Bologna and Ferrara. The provincial capital will also become the location for “Vecchie Canaglie” by Chiara Sani, an Orange media project that turns the spotlight on the rights and dignity of senior citizens. “Metamorphosis” by Sattva Films is a new work of animation made in Emilia-Romagna and directed by Michele Fasano.

Sydney Sibilia arrives in the region, between Bologna and Rimi- ni, to make “L’isola delle Rose” inspired by the story of the artifi- cial platform founded off the coast of Forlì in 1968 by the engineer from Bologna, Giorgio Rosa, which was declared a micro-nation for one year. It is produced by Groenlandia, the production com- pany of Sybilia and Matteo Rovere, in collaboration with Rai. In November, the Po Delta will also be hosting the set of Indigo Film and director Claudio Cupellini, in Mesola and Goro, for some scenes of the film” La Terra dei figli”, based on the famous Gipi cartoon.

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