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Filming began mid-September in the Po Delta area on “Oltre le nebbie”, by Laura Muscardin, produced by Rome’s Movie Factory in collaboration with Rai Cinema.
The movie highlights the contrast between degraded architectural situations (the metaphysical city of Tresigallo and an evocative disused area in Ferrara) and the beauty and strength of locations like Comacchio or Boscone della Mesola.
The Po Delta has also conquered Indigo Film and director Claudio Cupellini who, this winter, will be setting some scenes of the film “La Terra dei figli” around Ravenna and Goro.

The Delta and Comacchio will also provide the set for “Scooter”, a Vespa road movie by Polis Film directed by Stefano Alpini, the first takes of which are planned for the end of October.
Also in October there will be two weeks of shooting in Cesena on the new film by Antonio Pisu, “Dittatura last minute”, the cast of which includes Lodo Guenzi and tells the story of three kids who, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, leave Cesena looking for adventure in the places where the Soviet regime is still present.

From September the Romagna Riviera will be hosting Lucky Red with a production entirely dedicated to Riccione and set in one of its cheerful and colorful summers.
The casting was crowded also thanks to the presence of Tommaso Paradiso whose concert in Piazzale Roma will be one of the main scenes of the film.

Sydney Sibilia will be arriving soon in Bologna and Rimini to film “L’iso- la delle Rose” inspired by the story of the incredible artificial platform founded off the coast of Forlì in 1968 by the engineer from Bologna, Giorgio Rosa and declared a micronation for a year.
The production is handled by Groenlandia, the company run by Sibilia and Matteo Rovere, in collaboration with Rai.

Mompracem Srl and the Manetti Bros are now “honorary citizens” of Bologna and have once again chosen the provincial capital of the Emilia region for the 1960s set of “Diabolik” which has been in place since October, with Luca Marinelli as the protagonist alongside the inseparable Eva Kant, played by Miriam Leone.
Thwarting the criminal rise of the couple will be Valerio Mastandrea, alias Ginko.

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