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EDITORIAL/Twenty Years

Cinema & Video International is twenty years old: it was first published in ’95, following in the footsteps of the historic sector publication Nuovo Cinema Europeo and inheriting its vocation for promoting Italian cinema abroad, which was very strong in the 70s and 80s.
As the foreign sales companies progressively broke up, in the emerging reality of the Film Commissions it managed to find the elements of innovation, imagination and internationality that made it possible to continue the task of promoting “made in Italy” at festivals and on international markets.
Cinema & Video International celebrates its twentieth birthday in an important year for the Italian film industry. It is the year of the Oscar, of the euphoria for “The Great Beauty”. In this issue like many others we have also “taken possession” of the film’s title.

We have paraphrased it for the special dedicated to Film Commissions. Their passage from the pride of being there – with affectionate irony, all the way back in 2009 we coined the claim “Film Commission Pride” – to the maturity and awareness of being an important part of Italian audiovisuals.

“Film Commission Beauty”: in fact there is great beauty to be found in expertise.
In these first twenty years Cinema & Video International has documented the birth and followed the growth of the Film Commissions. They have provided a breath of fresh air, choosing to be independent and live by the market in a country where, to quote the producer Nicola Giuliano, “there is no market”.

The taste for paradox has us led us to discover the value of cinema outside cinema: everything that goes into a movie – the people, the places, the things, and which, in the process, become emotions, multiplying their value. Throughout this journey, the Film Commissions have been stimulating traveling companions.
The journey continues: thanks to Sardinia and its Film Commission. In this issue we explore cinema’s environmentally sustainable vocation.

Confirmation that cinema can make the world a better place.

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