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President Serracchiani, what will audiovisuals represent in the future strategies of the regional government of Friuli Venezia Giulia?

They will play a very important role for our region because this is turning out to be a sector with vast development potential. We intend to actively support it with new policies that have an international slant in order to position ourselves as sector leaders. To confirm our commitment to the sector, I should mention that the FVG region has produced important documents on the subject of state assistance to the movie industry, voted in by the Regional Committee for Cultural Assets, which will be presented to the State Regions Conference, to the government and, in particular, to Minister Bray.

How do you imagine the re-launch of the Film Commission will be?
It is important to re-finance and re-configure this organization through multiple actions: a consolidation process that will take at least three years, new legal-administrative systems and, finally, the repositioning of the fund at a strategic structural level. In the FVG region we believe it is important to go beyond the concept that restricts Film Commissions to being organizations that only have an effect on territorial marketing, emphasizing their broader role in planning and cross-border collaboration on a European level.

What do you think about the presence of “Zoran, my nephew the idiot” at the Venice Film Festival?
This movie is about a border area where the borders no longer exist. It is simply yet another sign of the path we should follow and a natural development towards our most significant pool of regional, cultural and economic collaborations. The production history of the region depends in part on the potential we are able to offer in these areas (Slovenia, Croatia and Carinthia). For this reason, we have entered into some very important collaborations with policies that harmonize the areas, sourcing and highlighting their specific qualities.


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