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CRISTINA PRIARONE/Working on Creativity

On January 30th the meeting of the Italian Film Commissions elected the association’s new board of directors: Cristina Priarone, general manager of the Roma Lazio Film Commission, is the president; the vice presidents are Luca Ferrario, director of the Trentino Film Commission, and Paolo Manera director of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte.

On the eve of the EFM in Berlin, where the Italian Film Commissions will participate all together, the new president observes with satisfaction that “the idea that we’re all stronger in a group”, has become consolidated and hopes for an even greater synergy with MiBACT (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities), ICE (Italian Trade Agency), ANICA (Italian Association of Cinematographic Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries), APA (Italian Association of Audiovisual Producers) and the other associations, “in order to present ourselves abroad with a Country vision”.

Because, she argues, “the Film Commissions have the privilege of being levers of development and innovation with an across- the-board role, to the extent that they do not just interact with the whole audiovisual production chain but also with national and regional institutions. For this reason we are very useful for undoing knots, creating new opportunities, synergies between interlocutors that without us would have more difficulty dialoguing”.

“We shall continue” she confirms “the work started, with good results, on three scheduling tables: on Cultural Heritage, on internationalization and on the harmonization of the Funds.
The main actors of these tables are the Cinema Department of the MiBACT, the Italian Film Commissions and the Regional Governments.”

After her election to the presidency of the Association she will lead for three years, Cristina Priarone, assuring us that she will continue to “cultivate the garden” of the synergic action with the Regional Governments to render the Funds more suitable for the demands of the producers, launches a new front: “it will be important to work on creativity, i.e. that phase where films are born that is made up of stories, young filmmakers, as well as new production modalities”.
Giving more support to the younger generation “can also lead to a renewed promotion of the regions”.

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