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The news that the Italian-French co-production “Fuocoammare”, directed by Gianfranco Rosi was among the ve nominees for the Best Documentary Oscar, arrives on the eve of the Berlin Festival, the same Festival that, at the last edition, awarded the Golden Bear to Rosi’s movie.

This year, despite there being no Italian films in competition at the Berlinale – the only Italian name is Luca Guadagnino in the Panorama section, with “Call Me By Your Name” – there is still a presence of Italian filmmakers in both Berlinale Talents and the Co-production Market. Cinema & Video International has focused on these sections and, once again, turned its sights on another interesting breeding ground for young talent – When East Meets West – the
co-productions market whose seventh edition came to an end on 24 January in Trieste.

It is worth emphasizing that co-productions are not just forms of summarizing ideas and stories from different cultures, but also formulas that multiply the opportunities for the international diffusion of Italian cinema.
This is confirmed by the research  that MEDIA Salles has carried out on the international distribution of the Italian films released in Italy in 2014 and 2015: the majority co-productions reached an average of around 15 foreign markets, minority co-productions did even better, raising the average to 25, whilst 100% Italian produced films ended up below 3.

The conclusion can appear almost obvious.
It would be opportune if the helpful collection and consequent analysis of the data carried out by MEDIA Salles received greater support from Italian institutions in order to make it possible to permanently monitor the diffusion of Italian cinema abroad.

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