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CINECITTA’/ The Best Choice

Luigi Abete, president of Cinecittà Studios is very satisfied: “The production of Paul Haggis’ movie is proof that we are still an attractive competitor in the eyes of the international industry, despite the complexity of current times”. Abete continues: “In fact, we are increasingly targeting world markets and intend to proceed with this strategy. In order to do this, we need to create and implement a new way of organizing our work, making new investments in order to bring our structure in line with the requirements of film producers from all over the world”.
“We are certain that we will be able to achieve high standards of quality and professionalism even though we are at a disadvantage compared to our main competitors, particularly with regard to the Eastern European countries where labor costs are certainly lower than here”. The Tax Credit is of vital importance. The President of Cinecittà Studios draws a realistic picture: “The current Tax Credit works: it would be good to make it permanent instead of renewing it every three years because, in the
eyes of our foreign interlocutors, this would give our audiovisual industry greater stability. It would also be a good idea to have a Film Commission policy that is competitive but also based on coordination in order to avoid pointless cannibalizations and, above all, to create an integrated labor system on a national level”.
And finally, Abete sums up the main points of the industrial relaunch plan: “The boundaries of the movie studios have restrictions and nobody has ever thought of altering them. In the areas at the side that are currently not being used, we plan to build a car park, offices for foreign production

companies and buildings for anyone who wants to bring their business to Cinecittà, a large movie studio like Teatro 5 and a hotel with two hundred rooms”. Abete excludes the possibility of a luxury hotel: “Who would
be crazy enough to open a resort in the suburbs? Who would go to Via Tuscolana for something like that?” jokes Abete, remembering with pride that he was born nearby on Via Prenestina. He concludes by saying that “We cannot survive with only Italian movies and television. We need to attract international productions and, in order to do that, we have to achieve excellence and offer high level services like all the other film studios around the world.”

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