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CINE REGIO/Green Protocol in Cannes

T he celebrations for Cine-Regio’s 10th anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival, will be the occasion for the Network that brings together 43 regional film funds to launch across the European regions the 2nd Report on green Production Practices which will also be free to download from the CineRegio website.
“The report aims to act as a support for broadening the discussions across the European regions so we can learn and be inspired by what has been explored and what could be planned for the future. It highlights opportunities, challenges and tools already on the market as we are working towards a sustainable film industry that we can all be proud of”, says Charlotte Appelgren, General Secretary of CineRegio. “CineRegio has seen a trend towards more and more film fund agencies recognizing the need to engage responsibly with the impact of audiovisual production on the environment. However, we also recognize that the topic of Sustainable Filmmaking is a new territory for many of us. We therefore desperately need to share experiences, information and best practices”.

The report is the result of a work started back in 2012, when a number of CineRegio members decided to form the sub-group Green Regio, with the aim of sharing and promoting knowledge on the topic of sustainable film production and working towards developing a common European approach (including the ambitious goal for a European Carbon calculator).
The report was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Sardegna Film Foundation & Sardegna Region, with the contribution of members of CineRegio who provided the case studies with the editorial coordination of Birgit Heidsiek.

During the Cannes Film Festival, CineRegio will also present the first european Report on Diversity Policy Strategies which will analyze diversity in terms of the dynamic, active and inclusive relationship between content creation and consumption

The Report is written by Michael Gubbins, founder of the SampoMedia Consultancy that specializes in film and digital media, and chair of Ffilm Cymru Wales.

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