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CASE HISTORY/When a Bank becomes a partner

isiWhat can a regional bank and an arthouse film have in common?

The immediate answer is: an external tax credit. True, but that is only part of the story that made it possible for ‘In un posto bellissimo’, filmed in Asti last fall, to become a special event even before going on general release, which will probably be next fall.

Everything started with the 350,000 Euro contribution of the Cassa Risparmio di Asti to the funding of the movie (a significant quota, covering around 30% of the budget): a tax credit transaction realized with the consultancy of FIP.
To quote the director Giorgia Cecere, ‘In un posto bellissimo’ is a “sentimental thriller” produced by Donatella Botti of Bianca Film, and stars Isabella Ragonese and Alessio Boni.
Isidoro Albergucci, director of communication at the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, wanted the bank to be more than a simple financial backer, so he suggested that the production could involve the bank staff as extras. “It was a success”, he tells us: “120 colleagues took part”. A masterpiece of internal communication: “We have confirmed that when the bank does something it also does it for the people who work there”.
Making the transformation from financial backer to partner, the Asti- based bank also hosted the press conference to mark the start of filming on its own premises and managed to get the city’s theater to host a screening of the movie before the official premiere for the actors- colleagues and their families.
And that’s not all: the “Cassa di Risparmio di Asti is currently the third banking group in Piedmont in terms of its territorial presence, with 255 branches mainly located in the region. Before the movie is released they will become 255 showcases in which to display the advertising poster for ‘In un posto bellissimo’”.

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