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CARTOONS ON THE BAY/The 3 As of RaiFiction

There will be three types of genre for the new cartoons that Rai Fiction will be premiering at Cartoons on the Bay to be held in Rapallo from 15th “” 18th April: adventure, action and art.
The first images from some of the top products for the next TV season will be presented by Luca Milano, Rai Fiction’s Marketing and Animation manager.
“The extraordinary adventures of Jules Verne” is a classic adventure cartoon with a certain amount of artistic license. In fact, the series imagines that, as a boy, Jules Verne himself actually experienced the things he wrote about years later. With this series, created by Musicartoon, Lux Vide (“The Bible”, “Imperium” and “Don Matteo”) enters the world of animation in order to provide quality entertainment for younger audiences as well.
Another adventure cartoon is “Ulysses, my name is Noman”: one of the best-loved heroes of Greek mythology returns to our TV screens, for the first time in a cartoon series, directed by Giuseppe Laganà  and co-produced with The Animation Band.
For the smallest viewers there is the second season of “Ondino”, the fish-boy who stars in this 3D series produced by Rai Fiction and Animabit in Genoa, which will be returning soon with a series of 26 new episodes.
There will be action and magic from “Poppixie”, a new spin-off from the internationally successful “Winx Club” by Rainbow, a series of 52 x 13′ episodes for Rai Due directed by Iginio Straffi , the father of the famous fairies.
“Spike Girls”, created by volleyball champion Andrea Lucchetta, is a series set on a volleyball court where six very different girls are united by their love for this sport.
And finally, “Art with Matì and Dadà ” from Achtoons, is an innovative series that will be broadcast from 18th April on Rai Tre, a journey inside paintings to discover some of the world’s most famous artists: from Paolo Uccello to Picasso, from Arcimboldo to Van Gogh, and many other famous painters.
A first approach to the history of art and visual culture for preschoolers.
Rai Fiction will be presenting five products at the Pulcinella Awards.
It has received nominations for “Pipì Pupù e Rosmarina” by Enzo d’Alò, the new episodes of which will be broadcast from Sunday 18th April on Rai Tre, the Rai Due successes, “Geronimo Stilton” by Atlantyca (Studio of the Year award) and “Teen Days” by Maurizio Nichetti, plus the pilots of the series “Le fiabe animate “” Animated fairy tales” and “Marfy dei sogni “” Marfy’s dreams”, the former being an ironic revisitation of the classical zoomorphic fairy tales of Aesop, Phaedrus and La Fointane (co-produced by Mp1) and the latter a cartoon about a brave boy who hunts down other people’s nightmares (Musicartoon).

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