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CANNES 4/Giorgia Priolo, Producer on the Move

Giorgia Priolo has been selected as the Italian “Producer on the move” at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.
Created ten years ago by European Film Promotion (EFP) and the European Union Media Programme, Producers on the Move aims to support up-and-coming European producers by introducing them to a network where they can meet other people and create business opportunities, as well as attract the attention of the press and international markets.

“Filmitalia chose FilmKairos as the Italian “Producer on the Move” mainly on the basis of two films we produced, as well as the fact that we are a young company, just three years old. The two films are “Mar nero”, Federico Bondi’s debut work that won Ilaria Occhini the Golden Leopard for best actress at Locarno, and “Come l’ombra” by Marina Spada, presented at the Giornate degli Autori at the 2008 Venice Film Festival”, says Giorgia Priolo, project development manager and executive producer of FilmKairos, an independent company set up in 2006.

The company started off by co-producing foreign movies, making its debut in a majority Italian co-production with the aforementioned “Mar nero”, the debut-exploit of the thirty-three year old Florentine director which will be released soon in the two co-producing countries, Romania and France.
The film tells the story of a special relationship, which is becoming increasingly frequent nowadays, between an old woman (Ilaria Occhini) and her Romanian carer (Dorotheea Petre).

With an editorial line that focuses on production partnerships with other countries and the search for stories that also cross national borders, FilmKairos has numerous projects on the boil for the near future.

 “We are preparing a number of movies, all of which are very different from each other in terms of budget, production structure and narrative features,” says Giorgia Priolo.
“After producing “Come l’ombra”, we are working on Marina Spada’s third work “Metafisica per le scimmie”, a movie that will describe modern life from a female point of view. At the center of the story is a woman who, thanks to philosophy, teaches economic strategies to managers until her own methods bring her to the verge of a crisis. The screenplay is ready, now we are looking for the cast and funding, but it will be a low budget movie which is what the director herself wants. Another film we are very excited about is “L’accabadora” by Enrico Pau, which we will produce with a budget of around 2.5 million Euros.
Set in 1950s Sardinia, it looks at the anthropological figure of village women “” the so-called “accabadore” “” who provided a “good death”, i.e. euthanasia.
Changing genre completely, we also have the comedy-sequel “Mi manda (ancora) Picone” and a documentary by Flaminia Lubin, “50 italiani”: the latter is being made at the instigation of the Shoah Museum and will tell the stories of the citizens in the Nazi-Fascist regime who tried to save as many Jews as possible, a bit like Perlasca and Oscar Schindler.
We are also working on the first fiction film by documentary-maker Fabiana Sargentini, “Non lo so ancora”, written together with Morando Morandini: partly autobiographical, it tells the story of the meeting between a young woman and an old man, whilst the new film by Stefano Tummolini takes a critical look at the world of university students.
Finally, probably the most important project which we are co-producing with Israel’s Metro Communication, is “Montedidio”: the first film based on a novel by Erri De Luca.
Adapted by Lara Fremder, the movie is set in Naples and will have a budget of around 5 million Euros”.

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