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CANNES 4/A Taste of Cinema

After Berlin, the second stop for the Trailers FilmFest in the World is La Croisette, with three days of events to be held from 14th “” 16th May in the Cinecittà  Luce area of the Italian Pavilion in the International Village, culminating in a Gala supper with specialties from Laura Delli Colli’s book “˜Il gusto del cinema’ (The taste of cinema).

“At Berlin we got confirmation of the popularity of the combination of cinema and food, it is a very strong relationship.
In most Italian movies, in fact, food is a crucial plot element: it is often at the table that stories progress”, explains Stefania Bianchi, director of the “Trailers FilmFest”, of which “Trailers FilmFest in the World” is a traveling section.
“Our events at the Berlinale were mostly attended by foreign filmmakers and, on that occasion, we also began a collaboration with the ICAA, Argentina’s National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts: in September we will be hosting a selection of trailers of Argentinean movies in Catania (as part of the “Trailers FilmFest” “” from 25th “” 28th September). At Cannes the show will follow the formula of daily tasting sessions combined with a small anthology of movie trailers, ranging from classics such as “Dillinger è morto” (Dillinger is dead), “Porcile” (Pigsty) and “Parenti Serpenti” (Dearest relatives), to the “Nuovi Sapori del Cinema Italiano” (New flavors of Italian Cinema): “Mine Vaganti” (Loose cannons), “Focaccia Blues” and “Il Vento fa il suo giro” (The wind blows round).
The show will also include a tribute to Miro Grisanti who has made over one thousand movie trailers, from 1960 to the present day, working for some of the biggest Italian film directors.
“This is also a tribute to Italian craftsmanship and its best products” adds Bianchi. “Trailers FilmFest in the World” is organized by Buonitalia Spa, a company created by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies to promote and valorize Italian agri-food products, and the Seven cultural Association which was set up to provide information about the close relationship between Italian cinema and food.
The partners also include Cinecittà  Luce, Adriana Chiesa Enterprises, the photographer Ennio Calice and Borgo Fontale,
“a Tuscan farm that produces oil and has decided to approach the world of cinema through us, embracing our philosophy that movies, as potent emotional vehicles, are the ideal instrument for exporting “Made in Italy” products.

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