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CANNES 3/Italian Film Commissions at the Marché

The Association of Italian Film Commissions will be retrieving its place at the Marché during the Cannes Film Festival: with the customary financial support of the ICE (Italian Foreign Trade Commission), it will be occupying a stand at the Riviera, alongside exporters from the UNEFA (Union of Film and Audiovisual Exporters). “At this important event, we will have a level of visibility that is suitable for the territories we represent”, Maurizio Gemma, the president of the Association, assures us.
The new steering committee “” consisting of Gemma himself, along with Silvio Maselli and Enrica Serrani “” aims to give the Association a greater degree of representativeness in its relations with sector categories and institutions.
“We expect to be able to present the first results at the second Film Commission Day to be held in October in Rome.
It will not have the celebratory edge of the first one, organized in June 2009, but will concentrate on more technical questions that constitute the daily routine of our work.
That is why we want to call it the Film Commission Forum. Our ambition is to bring to the table the organizations and institutions that the Film Commissions work with on a daily basis (State Property Office, railways, cultural heritage).
Starting with an investigation into the willingness of international production companies to invest in our territory, the meeting will also promote discussions with trade associations about the ways of implementing foreign investment, favoring co-productions with international subjects and decentralizing production”.

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