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CAMPANIA/The Island of Utopia

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Once again this year the Lido will witness the peaceful invasion of the creativity of Campania which, repeating last year’s brilliant performance, is represented in eight movies placed in the various sections inside and outside the Festival.
In Orizzonti-Horizons we have “Un giorno all’improvviso” by Ciro D’Emilio, “Camorra”, the feature length movie by Francesco Patierno is in the Sconfini section, while there are two titles in Giornate degli Autori- Venice Days (“Good Bye Marylin” by Maria di Razza, Special Event, and “Il teatro al lavoro” by Massimiliano Pacifico, Notti Veneziane) and three in the Critics’ Week sic@sic (“End of Justice” by Toni D’Angelo, “Fino alla fine” by Giovanni Dota and “Queste brutte cose” by Loris Giuseppe Nese).

“Capri – Revolution” by Mario Martone lands at the heart of the Festival, in Competition, another

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story – like “ Noi credevamo” and “Leopardi”- of an utopia: a commune of young northern Europeans on the eve of the first world war who thought they had found the ideal place to research new life models in Capri. Acting as a counterpoint in the film to this proto-hippie community is the coarse, simple character of a young local woman, a goat farmer.
Martone who, as a young man, won the Silver Lion in 1992 for “Death of a Neapolitan Mathematician”, this time is pitting himself against the iconic Capri, revealing another element of its uniqueness: in fact, in the early 20th century the island became a destination for anyone who cultivated ideals of liberty. Starring Marianna Fontana, Reinout Scholten and Antonio Folletto, the movie was filmed around Capri and Cilento.

Expectations are high for “My brilliant friend”, the first of the four seasons of the TV series based on the novels by Elena Ferrante directed by Saverio Costanzo and produced by Wildside and Fandango in collaboration with Umediafor HBO, RAI Fiction and TIMVISION, the world premiere of the first episode of which will be screened out of competition in Venice.
The series, which promises to be the international television event of the year, involved an unprecedented mobilization of resources, energies and professional skills in the region and, in addition to its economic support, the Regione Campania has ensured crucial organizational assistance through the Film Commission Regione Campania.
In particular, the structure led by Maurizio Gemma helped the production to identify and reconstruct the Rione Luzzatti (a 20,000 square meter set), the working-class district on the outskirts of Naples and the main setting for the series (which was restored to its 1950s appearance), in a former industrial area near Caserta.
“My brilliant friend” demonstrates the acceleration in recent years of the Campania administration’s activities in sup- port of cinema and audiovisuals.

We only need to take a look at the trend of productions in Campania over the Film Commission’s thirteen years of activity: out of the around 800 projects supported from 2005 to today, constant growth is visible from 2012 onwards with a sharp rise in the last three years.
Gemma comments: “The growing trend for the seventh year running in terms of the number of productions in the region, the presence at the main world festival for TV series and high profile even international movies that are “made in Campania” and, above all, the success of these titles on the global market confirm the strengths that have always characterized the work of the Film Commission Regione Campania (FCRC): the quality and reliability of the services offered and the maturity of the regional sector”.

“The Film Commission Regione Campania” explains the president of FCRC, Titta Fiore“returns to the Venice Film Festival following the success achieved in 2017 with record numbers and attendance, new programs and new strategies. In this regard the commitment to realizing a Regional Multimedia Library spread throughout the area which will collect, preserve, catalogue and make available the feature films, shorts and documentaries realized and produced in Campania is very significant. Moreover the Atlante del Cinema in Campania [Campania Cinema Atlas], a portal dedicated to the places and myths of the seventh art in the region is currently in the advanced stages of preparation”.

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