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CAMPANIA/My Brilliant Friend 2

Shooting is currently taking place in Campania on the second season of “My Brilliant Friend”, the Rai-HBO TV series based on the successful novels by Elena Ferrante. It is filmed in the “neighborhood” that has been reconstructed in Caserta, which has now been expanded, in the old city center of Naples (with the historic Palazzo Gravina where Elena’s high school is set) and on the island of Ischia.

Another literary-inspired series will be coming to Campania in the next few months: “Il Commissario Ricciardi”, based on the novels by Maurizio De Giovanni, the filming of which will involve the historic city center, the port of Naples and other locations, in a Naples set at the dawn of Fascism. Shooting has recently come to an end in Campania on the Sky series “Devils” produced by Lux Vide starring Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi. The locations involved are Cetara, Salerno, Pon- tecagnano, Cava dei Tirreni, Vietri sul Mare and the Amalfi state road. Cilento has hosted filming on “Quattro ristoranti”, the format presented by chef Alessandro Borghese, produced by Dry Media for TV8.

On the animation front, “Il Disegno Cartoon” has just ended, an introductory workshop for the creation of animated content for cinema, television, multimedia applications and concept design for the development of video-games curated by Fabrizio Petrossi, character artist, illustrator and concept designer for the Disney group.
This is a free course aimed at young professionals from Campania operating in the field of animation, comic strips or illustration.

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