direttore Paolo Di Maira

CAMPANIA/In the shadow of De Giovanni

In November, the Vesuvian area of the province of Naples was the set of the film “Il buco in testa” by Antonio Capuano, produced by Eskimo.
In the provincial capital of Campania everything is also ready for the return of “The Bastards of Pizzofalcone”: filming will begin in December on the third season of the series produced by Clemart, directed by Monica Vullo, and supported, as usual, by the Film Commission Regione Campania. Another character created by the pen of Maurizio De Giovanni and brought to the small screen by IIF, directed by Tiziana Artistarco, will arrive in Naples in December: “Mina Settembre”, a social worker played by Serena Rossi, who carries out investigations from her underfunded office in Quartieri Spagnoli.

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