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CAMPANIA/Bollywood and Siani

In addition to “Il Ladro di Giorni” (which it hosted from September 13th to 25th, see news ), Campania is ‘sharing’ with Basilicata the set of the Indian action movie “Project 62” by Siddharth Anand produced by La Pvt Yash Raj Films, which has chosen Positano and the Amalfi Coast as a location, in the first week of October.

From October 1st to 5th, Cilento (in particular Centola, Camerota, Ascea and Pollica) and Naples were the sets of “La vacanza” by Enrico Iannaccone, with Catherine Spaak and Antonio Folletto, produced by Mad Entertainment while “Il giorno più bello del mondo” by Alessandro Siani, produced by Bartleby, is also being filmed in Naples (until October 24th).

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