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CALABRIA/Waiting for James Bond

Young talents grow up in Calabria and contribute to livening up a season that is already crammed with sets like never before.
The merit for this goes to the Calabria Film Commission Fund that helped them make the ‘leap’ from shorts to feature length debuts, and to the new Cinema Law that offers guarantees of greater stability to the whole sector.

After receiving the Davide di Donatello 2018 for the short, “Bismillah”, Alessandro Grande will be filming his first work, “Regina”, in Calabria.
Aldo Iuliano who, in 2017, won the I Love GAI –Giovani Autori Italiani Award at the Venice Film Festival and the Golden Globe for the short film “Penalty”, will be on the set from September 23 to October 19 directing his debut movie, “Space Monkey“, starring the young French actress Suade Arsane, with the support of the first 2019 open call of the Calabria Film Commission.
Produced by Andrette Loconte for Freak Factory with Rai Cinema, it will be filmed between the beach of Praia Lunga and the castle of Caccuri in the province of Crotone.

Among the other projects that are being filmed this summer in Calabria, supported by the Film Commission’s first open call, are the Rai TV series “Angela” produced by Matteo Levi’s 11 Marzo and directed by Andrea Porporati, Toni D’Angelo’s feature movie “Calibro 9” (produced by Minerva Pictures, with Gapbusters and Rai Cinema), and “Nel Sole” by Claudio Noce, the story of a Calabrian magistrate set on the Ionic coast and in the area of Crotone, starring Pierfrancesco Favino, produced by Lungta Film and distributed by Vision.

After the break for Ferragosto- Feast of the Assumption, Francesco Costabile begins filming “Una femmina” around La Sila and Aspromonte, produced by Armando De Razza’s Tramp and distributed by Medusa.

The open call’s third window, which will again be making around € 1.5 million available, will be opening concomitantly with the Venice Film Festival, from September 2 to October 1.
This is a new feature for this year which has been made possible thanks to the new regional Cinema Law approved on June 17.

“Thanks to the new law” says the president of the Calabria Film Commission, Giuseppe Citrigno “we have embarked on a journey that will allow us, in the space of 3 or 4 years, to make Calabria once again a valid alternative to even the most active and attractive regions, for both productions and directors.”

And it is probable that the new James Bond movie directed by Kari Fukunaga will also land on the coasts of Calabria in order to film in two of the region’s most beautiful locations: the beach of Arcomagno and Dino island in Praia a Mare.

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