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CALABRIA/Solaria ghost and gangster stories

Filming took place in March on the snowy Sila mountains of Cosenza on “White Flowers”, the second feature length film by directing duo Marco De Angelis and Antonio Di Trapani produced by Solaria Film (with Rai Cinema) and supported by the Calabria Film Commission.
The locations include the Villaggio Mancuso, Lake Cecita, Camigliatello, Cerchiara, Cosenza, Altomonte and Pizzo Calabro.
Filming lasted for two weeks and involved numerous Calabrian workers and some of the region’s actors such as Carmelo Giordano and Enzo De Liguoro.
The film, which is also set in Genoa and in Japan, combines the visual and visionary research of the story, typical of the work of the two film-makers, with the thriller genre, halfway between a “ghost” and “gangster story”,the protagonists of which are Marcello (IvanFranek), a man who remembers nothing of his identity and past, and Yuki, a young Japanese manga artist. Another famous actor in the film is Hal Yamanouchi (“Wolverine – The Vendetta”)

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