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BUSINESS STREET/The formula works

Last year, “Business Street“, the “industry” area of Rome’s International Film Festival, registered 600 participants from 40 countries, a 20% rise with respect to the previous edition: there were 60 sellers, from 40 companies, and 250 buyers, an increase of over 50% (160 in 2006).
These are small but significant figures. In its first two years of life, the “low profile” strategy adopted has been very successful: Business Street” runs parallel to other historic markets – Cannes, Berlin, the American Film Market “” cleverly avoiding any confrontation.
It has carved itself out a complementary dimension to the Roman Festival, becoming a place to do business in a relaxed atmosphere. Rome has borrowed the Toronto Film Festival’s “friendly”, informal style, which focuses on making the life of buyers and sellers easier during their short yet intense stay.

Diamara Parodi is at the heart of the working group which operates alongside Silvain Auzou, under the direction of Giorgio Gosetti.
She tells us about the new features planned for the next edition. 22nd “” 26th October 2008: “Business Street” will last for 5 days (previously it was just 3) and the Terrazza Krug (at the Hotel Bernini, in Piazza Barberini) will be joined by another beautiful terrace, just a few steps away, on Via Veneto, at the Hotel Majestic.

Having eliminated the Excelsior, the activities will be concentrated on these two hotels: accreditation and the ticket office will move to the first floor of the Bernini, where there will also be a digital video library (the service realized in partnership with Rai Trade allowing accredited visitors to access all the titles at the Festival and Market will once again be available).

The Krug terrace will be open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. after which the terrace at the Majestic will take over with a “happy hour” until 9.00 p.m. “In this way we will be able to offer 12 hours for doing business in the utmost comfort, with breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We cannot give you the moon but we can offer a high level of service”, comments Diamara Parodi, who also confirms that there will be a Club Business Street area in the Auditorium village “that will be improved mainly by giving it greater visibility”.

The main emphasis will be on content: “We will improve the quality of the movies, we intend to showcase the best Italian and European products”.

What about the Americans?

They remain the most sought after clients: the proximity to the American Film Market (in Santa Monica from 5th “” 12th November) could become an opportunity:
“We want to act as a preface to the AFM for European products. Buyers and sellers can say: I’ll open negotiations in Rome and close them in Santa Monica.
All in the space of just two weeks.”

More Japanese visitors are expected at the next edition and there will also be a special focus on Brazil.

There are lots of new conference initiatives, once again at the Horti Sallustiani.
On 24th October the third edition of the “World Forum on Cinema Strategy and Finance”, organized with the Media Consulting Group, will be held.
This year it will concentrate on Italian-Canadian co-productions.
On 27th October, “World Going Digital”, dedicated to digital distribution, will be held in collaboration with API.

“At this third edition, which has a one million Euro budget, we intend to consolidate the results achieved”, explains Ms. Parodi, who offers the key to understanding “Business Street’s” long term strategy.
“We exist thanks to the institutions that finance us: the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, the Regional Government of Lazio through its companies Sviluppo Lazio and Film Commission Roma, the Regional Department for Production Activities, the ICE “” Italian Foreign Trade Commission, and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities”.
Institutions which believe in this rather atypical market.
If “Business Street” decides to make more audacious choices as a result of the experience acquired over the first three years, these will be marked by a strong alliance with the above institutions.

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