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BORDEAUX/Five Italians at Cartoon Movie


MIAMI/Interest is growing in the KidScreen Summit

The latest edition of Cartoon Movie, from March 5 to 7 in Bordeaux, will once again be an opportunity to take stock of the state of European animation. There will be over 60 titles – mostly in the concept or development phase – in the lineup of the main co-production forum for European long format anima- tions that will also be presenting five Italian projects, including two French-Italian co-productions.

After marking the (re)birth of TV animation with the “Lupo Alberto” series, the doyen of Italian animation, Pietro Campedelli, founder of the studio that bears his name and the Cartoon Italia association is launching himself into features together with Cartobaleno, the young Tuscan studio with which he recently produced the “Atchoo!” series.
The title is “Prendiluna”, the protagonist of which is a retired teacher who is asked by a ghost cat to deliver ten cats to ten Good people.
The project is based on the novel of the same name by Stefano Benni, an author who has already successfully turned to animation with “La compagnia dei Celestini”, the book that became an internationally ac- claimed TV series.
The movie will be directed by Christian De Vita, director of “PJ Ma- sks”, the Rai Yoyo and Disney Junior series that parents know by heart considering the success of PJ Masks with children everywhere, not just in Italy.
Born and raised in Rome, De Vita left the capital long ago to work with directors like Wes Anderson and Tim Burton, arriving at the TeamTo studio in Paris to direct the “Superpigiamini”, now heading for its third season.

Another family project is “The Tree of Ears” by Juan C. Concha Riveros that Small Boss, a new audiovisual production company based in Parma and Barcelona, is presenting together with its British, German and Spanish partners.
It is the story of a gold disk containing all the music in the world launched into space by NASA in an attempt to communicate with other life forms.

Another project for an adult audience from the Neapolitan Mad Entertainment factory, together with Rai Cinema, is “The Walking Liberty”, the new project by Alessandro Rak about two free spirits of the jungle that are trying to find their place in the world.

There is also a little bit of Italy in the project in development called “No Dogs or Italians Allowed”.
This is a stop-motion picture by Alain Ughetto, a filmmaker with roots in documentaries, who has already been nominated at the European Film Awards 2013 for best animated film with “Jasmine”.
The movie, which availed itself of the support of the Regione Piemonte and was inspired by the life of the director’s grandfather, a native of Piedmont who escaped to France during the Fascist period, is co-produced by Graffiti Film, a company in Turin that is active in the production of historical documentaries.

Finally, after numerous stop motion shorts which have received awards at the best international festivals, the animator from Le Marche region, Simone Massi, makes his feature length debut with “Tre infanzie”.
It is a story that crosses three generations beginning in 1918 on the Apennines of Le Marche and ends sixty years later, passing through the bombardment of the same countryside in ‘43.
It is a French-Italian co-production by the Rome-based production company Minimum Fax Media supported by the MiBAC.

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