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FROM BOOK TO SCREEN/The unstoppable success of Aglianico wine in NY

It sounds like a movie by Lina Wertmuller but, for the moment, it is just the title of a  novel:  “Storia  controversa  dell’inarrestabile  fortuna  del  vino  Aglianico  nel  mondo”  (The  controversial  story  of  the  unstoppable  success  of  Aglianico  wine  around the world) was published in Italy by Marsilio in 2007 and has also been published
in  France  and  Germany.
The  author,  writer  and  journalist  from  Basilicata,  Gaetano Cappelli  –  whose  latest  book  “Romanzo  irresistibile  della  mia  vita  vera”  (The  irresistible novel of my true life) has been shortlisted for the Premio Strega 2013 – has been
defined by an authoritative Italian critic (Antonio D’Orrico) as “the Italian Roth”, creating a regular literary event. “Storia controversa dell’inarrestabile fortuna del vino Aglianico nel mondo” is a sophisticated comedy in which Aglianico del Vulture (an ancient vine variety which has been rediscovered in Basilicata and, according to the New York Times, is highly appreciated abroad), is a narrative pretext for writing about a little known side of Italy that is rich in nuances
and anecdotes, based in the southern region of Italy described by Cappelli.
The producer Andrea Stucovitz (“Michel Petrucciani”, official selection, 64 th  Cannes Film Festival), has bought the rights to the novel and, with his Partner Media Investment (a member of the AGPCI – Association of Young Independent Theatrical Producers), is about to turn it into a movie.
The project is one of the five selected to represent Italy as part of Book Film Italy USA initiative which will take place in New York, at the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò of New York University, from June 2 nd  – 4 th .
This initiative, organized by ANICA (Italian Association of Cinematographic Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries) and the AIE (Italian Publishers Association), produced by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma and co-financed by the Italian
Ministry for Economic Development, is part of a series of internationalization activities specifically linked to the Year of Italian Culture in the United States.
“I immediately saw the production potential”, says Stucovitz: “A road movie, a kind of “Sideways” set in Basilicata”.
“This is a high impact project in terms of the effects it could have on the region as well as an excellent promotional tool for Italian culture around the world, whether it concerns an author or a producer or, in the latter case, a wine – Aglianico del Vulture”, explains the producer.
Stucovitz identifies Aglianico wine, which is currently enjoying great success on the US market, as one of the possible production and distribution tools ranging from co-marketing operations to product placement, to tax credits.  A case of “entrepreneurial synergy that involves cinema, publishing and the quality winemaking industry”.
“I can imagine a co-production between Italy, the United States and France”, suggests the producer who, so far, has not yet chosen the director or actors.  “I have the story, a strong project that I truly believe in”.

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