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BLS/Meetings and Coproduction Stories

INCONTRI#2, the meeting focusing on international co-productions organized by the BLS, Film Fund & Commission dell’Alto Adige, was held from April 19th – 20th in Aldo Adige, attended by 45 participants consisting of producers, institutional partners and television station representatives from Italy, Austria and Germany.

During the two day meeting, moderated by Leonardo Paulillo, Sybille Kurz, Tom Schlesinger and Markus Aicher, two case histories were pre- sented: the Chilean-German-Italian-Spanish co-production “El Futuro” (Pandora Film/Echo Film and Movimento Film) and the Austrian- German co-production “Die Vermessung der Welt”, based on the novel by Daniel Kehlmann (Boje Buck ProduktionMedienboard Berlin Brandenburg – Österreichisches Filminstitut Lotus Film). There were also two round tables dedicated to the possibilities of banks inve- sting in theatrical projects and the writing process behind the interna-tional success of the TV series “The Borgias”.

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