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“A Ciambra”, the second feature by the thirty-two year old Italian- American director Jonas Carpignano, selected for the Quinzaine des rèalisateurs, was funded by the Lu.Ca. open call.
Lu.Ca. is a project set up last September by a memorandum of under- standing between Basilicata and Calabria for collaborating on specific projects that can be made in the two regions through their respective Film Commissions.

“A Ciambra” tells the epic story of a Romany community that arrives in the South of Italy from Slovenia. Born and conceived in Calabria, mainly filmed in Gioia Tauro, as the story developed it expanded its production horizons to Basilicata.

The actors used were the very same gypsies who today have settled down in Gioia Tauro and some older people who, in their youth, were actually on the journey that opens the story about the friendship between a colored man and a Romany boy.

Giuseppe Citrigno of the Calabria Film Commission and Paride Leporace of the Lucana Film Commission are very satisfied:
“Being in competition at Cannes in one of the most experimental auteur sections is a significant first result for a cooperation agreement set up eight months ago”.

The “‘A Ciambra” project is based on Carpignano’s short of the same name which won, amongst other things, the Discovery Prize at the Cannes Film Festival (Semaine de la Critique, 2014). e feature’s screenplay was developed with the support of the Cinefondation Resi- dence du Festival du Cannes, the Torino Film Lab (which assigned it the Artè award) and the Semaine de la Critique’s Next Step Program. In addition to the funding from the Lu.Ca. project, the lm received support from the MiBACT [Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism] (cultural interest recognition for young lm-

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