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FOCUS/The sustainable lightness of the Dutch

We do not want to dictate rules from above, but rather motivate people with the challenge that you can make savings by adopting a...

HEROES 20.20.20/The Magnificent Seven

The  first “heroes” of Sardegna Green are 7 shorts with a budget of around 20,000 Euros each, the winners of the Heroes 20.20.20 competition...

EUROPE/The Regional Film Funds

The issue of sustainability in the creative industries is at the heart of European stakeholders agenda, members of the CineRegio network of regional funds...

DEBATE/Does Independent mean Green?

Is it green to be independent? The answer is yes, although the contributions made by the filmmakers in Cagliari – Italian, mainly Sardinian -...

TRENDS/Towards the Italian Green Cluster

Environmental quality is a value that Film Commissions are called upon to protect by vocation and due to their across- the-board nature that touches...

SARDINIA/A Land of Innovators

Is Sardinia green?” Asks the CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission Nevina Satta at the opening of the ECAD con- ference. “Yes, it is....

ALTO ADIGE/Arriva Winspeare

Fra la primavera e l’estate, oltre alla “La Corrispondenza” (titolo provvisorio) di Giuseppe Tornatore, si gireranno in Alto Adige tre film stranieri, tutti supportati...

ARGIOLAS/Raccontare la Sardegna con il vino

Le Cantine Argiolas hanno ospitato la giornata conclusiva delle Giornate Europee del Cinema e dell ’Audiovisivo. Valentina Argiolas racconta l’impegno

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