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ANIMUNDI/Stereoscopic Dinos

Even “flat” cartoons can become stereoscopic.
Whilst the move to stereo 3D has not been very complicated for drama and CGI, things are not so simple for 2D products.
Animundi, an animation production company based in Rome, has found a solution to this problem and, for the first time in Italy, has managed to turn classic cartoons stereoscopic.
Stereotoon is the name of the proprietary brand that gives greater depth to “flat” footage, with two dimensions, thanks to financing from Sviluppo Lazio for the research that made it possible to study and codify this procedure.
“Stereoscopy has always been my passion”, explains Raffaele Bortone from Animundi, “now, with Stereotoon, we can provide 2D stereoscopic services for both old and new cartoons, such as “Heidi”, for instance, which could get a new look with some post-production work. We are also assessing the possibility of providing this type of service for the cinema, for special effects”.
In the meantime, at Cartoons on the Bay, Animundi will be presenting a special stereoscopic version of the 2D series “I Saurini e i viaggi del meteorite nero “” The little dinosaurs and the black meteorite”, one of the most watched cartoons in the 2008/2009 season, a second series of which is in production with Rai Fiction.
After having found their parents, the Dinos now have a new mission to accomplish.
Will the five young dinosaurs manage to stop the evil Doctor Taurus from destroying the world? Young viewers will be able to find out on Rai Due in 2011.

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