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ANIMATION/The first time for Cerami

A slapstick comedy inspired by masterpieces like “M.A.S.H.”: “Sturmtruppen” is one of the five Italian animation series projects presented at this year’s Cartoon Forum, the event organized by the European Association of Animated Film – Cartoon.
Forty years after Bonvi’s anti-military cartoon, Casta Diva Pictures, Chiaroscuro and director Ernesto Paganoni presented the series based on the famous cartoon strip to the 800 or so sector professionals meeting in “Cermany”, oops!, Germany (the “Germanese” spoken by Fritz & co. is catching!).
In fact, this year, the location of the event (16th-19th September) which moves to a different European Union country every year (next year it will be Norway’s turn), was the small town of Ludwigsburg which is the home of one of the most prestigious animation schools in Europe, the Filmakademie Baden-Wà¼rttemberg.
The town is located just a few kilometers away from Stuttgart’s Animation Film Festival and the Fmx, two events whose profile is growing on the European circuit.

While “Sturmtruppen” is still looking for a partner to guarantee the financing (the estimated budget amounts to 4 million Euros), “Pipì, Pupù e Rosmarina” is already in production.
This was one of the most successful series at the 19th edition of Cartoon Forum which presented a total of 63 projects from 14 different countries. One of the 52 x 6′ episodes of “Pipì, Pupù e Rosmarina”, co-produced by Rai Fiction, Cometafilm and the Luxembourgian PTD, to be broadcast on Rai Tre next year, was previewed at the event.
Created and directed by Enzo d’Alò, the series (target age 3-6 years) boasts some very prestigious contributions: elegant screenplays by Vincenzo Cerami working on a children’s product for the first time, catchy music by Daniele De Gregorio (who has worked as an arranger for Paolo Conte), original drawings by Annalaura Cantore and, for the Italian version, Giancarlo Giannini as the narrator.
The series is about three small friends: a bird, Pupù, a bear, Pipì and a rabbit, Rosmarina, who travel around the world looking for Mapà , a metaphysical entity which is part mother and part father.
“Mapà  does not exist but the concept is that of a journey”, explains d’Alò.
“Cerami has managed to give the stories a Zavattinian style, they are all rather crazy adventures realized using the digital decoupage technique as a tribute to Gianini and Luzzati”.
“Pipì, Pupù e Rosmarina” summarizes the various trends emerging from Cartoon Forum: music becomes an increasingly important element, great attention is paid to the educational aspects, although they are handled in a light, amusing way, and the subject of travel explodes in all its dimensions.

The long list of titles includes the French series, “Magic Planet”, which teaches us about geography and animal behavior, and “Mouk’s World Tour” which, as the title implies, has a wandering theme.

“Penny X” (produced by Gertie) tells the story of the long trip around the world of an orphaned ducklingduckling searching for her identity. “Only to discover that there is no single identity, as each one of us has many different facets”, says Michel Fuzellier, project director for the series based on a special episode co-produced by Rai Fiction for Rai Tre, “Che animale sei?” (picture at the top of the next page), based on the book by Paola Mastrocola (a Premio Campiello award-winning author who worked on the screenplay).

“The Tea Team” and “Marfy dei sogni” are the two other Italian projects.
The first, presented by veteran producer Piero Campedelli (“Lupo Alberto”), is an adventurous comedy for children aged 6 “” 9 years, about tea and coffee, a tough old lady and some brave kids, created by Flavia Scuderi and Lorenzo Paoli (Cartobaleno).
The second project, created by Enrico Paolantonio and Francesca Piombini, produced by Musicartoon, is about an 8 year old boy who is able to enter the world of dreams and defeat the monsters that populate children’s nightmares.
In fact, most of the animation products were targeted at young children: 48% of the projects presented at Ludwigsburg were for the 6-9 year age group and 30% of the proposals were for pre-schoolers.

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