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ANIMATION/First Italian-Chinese Co-Production

The most important co-production ever realized by Italy and China, “Marco Polo” will be an animated series lasting two seasons, each consisting of twenty-six 22′ episodes, for children aged between 7 “” 11 years old.
The series, created and produced by the Lastrego & Testa Studios in Turin, is a co-production costing over 7 million euros between the Chinese (cctV) and Italian national networks (Rai Fiction), as well as Blue Dolphin animation in Nanjing.

“Marco Polo is a modern hero who explores the world”, says Francesco Testa.
“He is famous in both countries and thus represents an ideal bridge between the two cultures”.
This is a joint production between the two countries who share “the work of inventing and the risk of producing”.
The story of the young Venetian, set in the Middle ages, takes place in a magical and wonderful world that stretches from West to East, illustrating the wealth of the two ancient Italian and Chinese cultures. From Piazza san Marco in Venice to the Forbidden city of Peking, the story is told through hundreds of 3d characters and many wonderful settings.

The series will be ready at the end of 2010/early 2011 and, destined for an international audience, it will initially be able to count on the enormous audience of young viewers in China, as well as in Italy, of course.

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