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Mip Tv 2013 is special because it is the 50th edition.

It is no surprise to find, in the list of special events marking this anniversary, the initiative organized by the United Nations and GlobalEducation First featuring testimonials by people of the caliber of Gordon Brown, in his role as the United

Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, John Wood, the founder of Room to Read and David Zaslav, president and CEO of Discovery Communications. Miptv intends to highlight the social role of television: not just business, but education and literacy as well, a function it has historically carried out to the benefit of millions of people around the world, starting with children.

This is a special Mip for Cinema & Video International too, because we have decided to dedicate this issue to Italian animation.
Why animation?
Because, after attending Mip and Mipcom for over ten years, we have noticed that the most dynamic Italian firms at these Markets are animation companies: i.e. the ones that, by working on a dual track level – sales and co-productions – manage, more than others, to disseminate “Made in Italy” around the world.

We feel that it is our duty, in the absence of initiatives by the “system”, to maximize what international networks consider to be Italian excellence in the audiovisual sector. Without claiming to be exhaustive on a subject that is not our specialty, we have tried to provide more information about this rich industry where authorial creativity increasingly accompanies business expertise, rapidly breaching the borders of our country.

Through an international showcase of the importance of Mip TV, animation companies, both large and small, are bringing Italy to the world. This is a part of the best of Italy that our magazine is proud to represent.

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